Saturday, January 15, 2011

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi - "Obi-Wan Kedobi"
2. R2-D2 - "Tattoo Dio"
3. Darth Vader - "Dark Vader"
4. C-3PO - "What is that guy's name?"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Desert Island Songs Redux (aka my first list in the order i wrote the songs down)

Ode to Joy
Width of a Circle
Ana Ng
Pennyroyal Tea
Atlantic City
Darling Cory
Gallows Pole
She's the One
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
Song for Woody
Hollow Log
Hurt (Johnny Cash)
Baby Got Back
Candy (Iggy Pop & Kate Kierson)
Hollis Brown
Ziggy Stardust
Pass the Mic
Immigrant Song (Dread Zeppelin)
Life Worth Living
Rachel's Song
Hanging on a Heartbeat
Tainted Love
Paint it Black
All the Way Home
Radio Nowhere
Jackson Cage
Out in the Street
Shelter from the Storm

people with whom i have seen bruce springsteen

Amy (6 times)
Mom (2 times)
Maureen (2 times)
Aunt Louise (2 times)
Mike Matthews (2 times)
Rusty Kemp
Scott Leitheiser
Shannon Vogt
Manny Otero
Bob Choiniere
Joe Smith
Tammy Franco
Jason Zecchinelli
Kristin Zecchinelli
Jamie Pilot
Mark Osler
Seamus O'Neill
Gregg Symons
Scott Weber
Ann Weber
Dave Dritsas

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Spectrum is where I saw....

Doctor J play against Larry Bird. (1985)
Doctor J's last game. (1986)
Charles Barkley snap Manute Bol like a twig while driving the lane. (1986ish)
Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe (1987)
Billy Joel on the Storm Front Tour (January 30, 1990)
David Bowie on the Sound and Vision Tour (July 1990)
My FIRST Bruce Springsteen Concert (August 29, 1992)
My SEVENTH Bruce Springsteen Concert (November 8, 2005)
My FIFTEENTH Springsteen Concert (October 20, 2009)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top 10 Mining Songs

North Country Blues - Bob Dylan or Joan Baez
Red Hill Mining Town - U2
Coal Miners - Uncle Tupelo
Springhill Mining Disaster - Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl, the Dubliners, or U2
Youngstown - Bruce Springsteen
L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore - Take your pick, but I like Michelle Shocked and Jean Ritchie
Hard Times in Coleman's Mines - Aunt Molly Jackson
1913 Massacre - Woody Guthrie
Dark as a Dungeon - Johnny Cash
Blood on the Coals - Folksmen

Sunday, August 30, 2009


1. Dominique: The Singing Nun's Song - Le Choeur des Enfants de Montmartre (the Montmartre children's choir)
2. Sister Adele - Madeliaine
3. The World Vision - Korean Orphan Choir
4. Guss Jansen's Happy Hammond - Guus Jansen
5. Folk Songs of the Alps - The Swiss Band Organ
6. A Trust in your Future (How to create and maintain a regular savings plan) - Elba Corporation.

BONUS: Sounds of a Mission - The Church of the Bretheren.In the Korean Orphan Choir record sleve was a 7-inch 33&1/3 record called.

NOTES: I got the Dominique and Sister Adle records because I love the music of Sister Luc Gabriel, aka The Singing Nun. She was also known as Souer Sourire (the Smiling Sister.) She left the monastary, but Philips records still owned the name "Singing Nun" so she started going by Luc Dominic. Unfortunately, these two records, while nice to listen to, are almost identicle to her music.

Guus Jansen's record - I love Hammond Organs and the way they sound and the album has a song called "Portuguese Washer Woman." How could I not buy a record with a song such as that on it??? It is currently available on eBay for $26.98. Really. You don't believe me, do you?

I got the Folk Songs of the Alps by the Swiss Band Organ because, as I mentioned previously, I like organ music. HOWEVER, when I put this on the turntable, it turned out to be Merry-go-round music. An organ that plays all the instruments. That kind of organ. Not the kind in a gigantic 1000-year old cathedral with a 80-year old woman playing the music of her childhood which is kind of what I was hoping to get. Instead, I immediately felt like I was spinning around at Knoebel's trying to get the brass ring. (I got the brass ring once in my life at Knoebels.)

The Korean Orphans record - just too odd to pass up.

And the A trust in your future - know when the beastie boys say "I like digging down deep in the record bin" and you hear samples on their records of stuff like some dorky motivation speaker guy saying "I wish there was some way i could be outside playing basketball in the rain and not get wet. Now wouldn't that be great?" I imagine they sit around listening to records like Elba records' A Trust in your Future and mine it for clips.

Anyway, if you want any of these records converted to magnetic tape, i will be happy to do so. Subsequesntly if you want to borrow a magnetic tape player, you can feel free to come to my house and listen or borrow my Subaru.